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2017 Global 50 Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)


2017 Global 50 electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

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EMS (electronics manufacturing service) full name of electronic manufacturing services, is to provide manufacturing services for the electronics industry, such manufacturers to provide customers, including product design, manufacturing, logistics management, product maintenance, logistics and other sectors, are full service.

EMS is accompanied by the development of the computer industry, EMS suppliers can only outsource customers (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer) part of the production process, these suppliers are usually called CEM (Contract Equipment Manufacturer).

Later, these more capable suppliers were developed to help customers design and develop their products, the so-called Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), and some ODMs could even contract part of the customer's logistics. The biggest difference between EMS and ODM is that EMS provides more services to customers based on ODM.

Now a variety of electronic products, especially laptops, cell phones and other products, no matter what many brands are professional electronics foundry service providers to OEM production, brands sometimes only provide brand, design, monitoring, technology stand by. So it can be said that these EMS suppliers are behind the scenes of the hero selling products.

After more than 10 years of development, the local EMS enterprises in China have formed a certain scale and made great contributions to the development of China's electronics industry. At the same time, they also contributed to the development of upstream and downstream industries, especially the upstream equipment and materials industry and the downstream end consumer products development of.

Top 50 EMS vendors in the world in 2017

Recently, the industry authority MMI released a 2017 TOP 50 EMS companies list. According to the list, China Taiwan is still the world's EMS leader, a total of 7 list, of which 4 into the top 10. The United States also has 9 list, Jabil, the new Meia, Beilai Sheng and Bai, and other established vendors top ten.

In mainland China, four manufacturers successfully squeezed into TOP 50 in 2017. They are Central Asahi Electronics (Taiwan-owned Holding), Great Wall Development (headquartered in Shenzhen), Prime Base and Sanyi Technology, which grew out of Taiwanese Volkswagen Computer Group.

In the remaining regions, there are 6 in Japan, 5 in Hong Kong, 4 in France, 3 in Thailand, 2 in Finland, Singapore and Canada, 1 in each of Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Philippines and Switzerland .

top 50 EMS provider.jpg

The top 10 rankings are: 1, Hon Hai (Taiwan), 2, Pegatron (Taiwan), 3, Flextronics (Singapore), 4, Jabil (United States), 5, Sanmina (Canada), 7, Wisconsin (China Taiwan), 8, New Kinpo Group (Taiwan), 9,Plexus (the United States), 10, Benchmark (United States).

1, Foxconn

In 2005, Foxconn replaced one of its biggest rivals Flextronics in one fell swoop the dominance of the next decade, Foxconn's boss status impregnable, until now the gap between the two is growing. Foxconn is currently the largest customer is Apple, the latest high-end flagship iPhoneX the only assembly plant. In addition to Apple, Foxconn also Huawei, millet, Sony and other brands OEM.

It is reported that Foxconn is not willing to do OEM only, intends to create its own mobile phone brand and march into the Indian market. After several acquisitions and licensing collaborations, Foxconn now has three smartphone brands, Nokia (operating in partnership with China-backed HMD), Sharp and InFocus.

2, Pegatron

Founded in 2008, separated from Asustek, the successful combination of EMS and ODM industries has now developed into an emerging DMS (Design Integration Services Manufacturing) company.

Heshuo joint with iPhone assembly plant in Shanghai, Suzhou and Kunshan, the company more than 50% of the profits from the OEM for the apple. On December 25, 2017, Heshuo jointly invested 1.14 billion Taiwan dollars (about 250 million yuan) to buy a factory in Chongqing.

Recently, media reports said that in 2018, Apple will release three new iPhone handsets, one of which will be equipped with LCD screen iPone by Wisconsin or Wistron and the high-end iPhone will continue to be exclusively foundry by Foxconn.

3, Flextronics

In 1981, Flextronics set up a factory in Singapore and became the first manufacturer in the United States to go overseas to set up factories overseas. In 1993, Flextronics acquired 3.6 billion U.S. dollars and was the top three EMS companies in the world.

In 2016, Flextronics announced the dissolution of Tianjin Plant, so that the industry was quite shocked. It is reported that the main reason for the dissolution of the Tianjin plant is that its sole customer, Lenovo, wants to integrate its supply chain into Wuhan and that Flextronics Tianjin Company has no other potential customers and thus has lost its operational sustainability. The factory was closed on September 30, 2016. In addition, as early as 2009, Flextronics closed its Flextronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. located in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

4, Jabil

One of the world's top 10 EMS plants, headquartered in the United States, listed in New York Stock Exchange. In 2006, Jabil acquired Taiwan Green Point for NT $ 30 billion. In 2016, Jabil acquired Nypro, a maker of precision plastic, for US $ 665 million.

Currently, Jabil has more than 100 factories in 20 countries around the world. In various fields such as computer peripherals, data transmission, automation and consumer products, Jabil Group provides customers worldwide with design, development, production, assembly, System technical support and distribution to end-users. Major customers include HP, Philips, Emerson, Yamaha, Cisco, Xerox, Alcatel and other famous international companies.

5, Sanmina

One of the top 10 EMS plants in the world, once a pioneer in the EMS field, occupies a leading position in the industry. However, the company has been declining since the early nineties and the advantages of SCI have gradually diminished as competitors expand rapidly in size and scope.

6, Celestica

Established in 1996 from IBM, the past has been IBM's main production base. Currently headquartered in Canada, its production base throughout the world, in Suzhou, China and Dongguan have factories.

7, Wistron

One of the world's largest ODM foundries, headquartered in Taiwan, with its branch offices in Asia, North America and Europe. Wistron was originally a member of Taiwan's Acer Group. Starting in 2000, Acer officially cut itself into "Acer Group," "BenQ," and "Wistron Group." 2004-2005, Wistron ranked the world's eighth largest EMS vendors.

Wistron specializes in a full range of ICT product design, manufacturing and service support for customers in information and communications products, including notebook computers, desktop systems, server and storage equipment, information equipment, networking and communications products. Most of the world's leading high-tech information company.

8, New Kinpo Group

One of the top ten EMS plants, the new Campbell Group territory throughout Thailand, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, Brazil and Mexico and other countries, a total of 14 manufacturing locations worldwide. Products cover the computer peripherals, telecommunications, optoelectronics, power management and consumer electronics and other fields.

9, Plexus

NASDAQ listed company, one of the top 10 EMS plants in the world, has a subsidiary in Xiamen, China. It is responsible for the design, integration, development, assembly and processing of IC modules, electronic products and related products Feed processing) and sales of the above products.

10, Benchmark

One of the top ten EMS companies in the world, was established in 1986 and listed on the NYSE. At present, Bai electricity has 16 factories in seven countries of North America, Europe, South America and Asia. In 2003, Bai Electric set up its first wholly-owned factory in China in Suzhou.

其余EMS厂商排名依次为:11、环旭电子(中国大陆),12、长城开发(中国大陆),13、万特(新加坡),14、卓能(德国),15、希克斯(日本),16、Fabrinet(泰国),17、三和盛(日本),18、PKG Group(芬兰),19、精博电子(日本),20、综合微电子(菲律宾),21、住商(日本),22、NEO Tech(美国),23、Asteelflash(法国),24、明泰科技(台湾),25、三希科技(中国大陆),26、伟易达(香港),27、科瑞森(加拿大),28、V.S.Industry Berhad(马来西亚),29、斯凯菲尔(芬兰),30、艾尼克斯(瑞士),31、杜科蒙(美国),32、Videoton Holding(匈牙利),33、加达利(日本),34、恒诺微(泰国),35、Key Tronic(美国),36、新为(荷兰),37、华泰电子(台湾)。38、金宝通(香港),39、王氏港建(香港),40、王氏国际控股(香港),41、精诚科技(台湾),42、欧朗集团(法国),43、斯帕顿(美国),44、ALL CIRCUITS(法国),45、世纬SVI(泰国),46、Lacroix Electronics(法国),47、Di-Nikko Engineering(日本),48、鸿通(香港),49、PRIME BASE INC(中国大陆),50、Nippon Manufacturing Service(日本).

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