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Changjiang Electronics Up Prices Again, The Yageo Stopped Some Orders! 2018 Welcome New Round Of Price Hikes

ASCO Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 26, 2017

Changjiang Electronics up prices again, the Yageo  stopped some orders! 2018 welcome new round of price hikes

2017 out of stock prices a wave more than a wave high, now seeing this year has come to an end, MOSFET and resistance once again set off a wave of out-of-stock prices. Just two days, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology announced price increases again, the appropriate increase in the price of MOS finished products, the giant also informed that the immediate effect of thick-film resistors stop receiving orders ...

December 25, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. announced to its customers notice of price increases, notice that due to a serious lack of chip production capacity, chip material prices rose sharply, the company decided that the appropriate increase in MOS finished product prices, the specific price adjustment range Subject to the specific product. The above decision will start from December 26, 2017.

Today (December 26), Giant repeatedly issued a notice to its distributors, that is, from now on thick-film resistors stop receiving orders. Notice that, taking into account the company's order demand is much larger than the existing capacity, in order to maintain the delivery of service levels, with immediate effect (2017-12-26) All thick film resistors stop receiving orders, return to normal order date will be Separate notice.

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