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CodeWarrior® For MCUs (Eclipse IDE) - ColdFire®, 56800/E DSC, Kinetis®, Qorivva® 56xx, RS08/S08, S12Z V11.0


CodeWarrior® for MCUs (Eclipse IDE) - ColdFire®, 56800/E DSC, Kinetis®, Qorivva® 56xx, RS08/S08, S12Z v11.0

This patch updates CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers V6.2. It includes all software fixes and updates included in the previous CodeWarrior Development Studio for

Microcontrollers V6.2.1 Patch; therefore the V6.2.1 Patch does NOT have be installed prior to installing this patch. The V6.2.2 Patch CAN be installed over the V6.2.1 Patch.


This patch fixes the following bugs and adds the new features listed below:




 • Support for the following new HCS08 and ColdFire V1 derivatives:

   - MC9S08FL16, MC9S08FL8

   - MC9S08SV16, MC9S08SV8

   - MC9S08SF4

   - MCF51CN128


NOTE: Install CW MCU v6.2 PE update v3.04 or later for full Processor Expert and

           Device Initialization support for MC9S08SF4.


 • Support for the new Freescale Open Source BDM connection based on HCS08JM60 platform. The "HCS08 FSL Open Source BDM" and "CFV1 FSL Open Source BDM" connections can

be selected in New Project Wizard for the new derivatives listed above.


 • JM60 GUI utility is installed in the root CodeWarrior directory {CW_INSTALL_DIR}\ This utility is provided to allow the FSL OSBDM-JM60 firmware on a development board to be updated. If this becomes necessary, please check the Freescale forum for the latest firmware.


 • Updated user documentation


 • Latest P&E firmware for Cyclone Pro and BDM Multilink. The firmware is automatically updated when the first target connection is made.


 • Debugger support for external memory debugging with MCF51CN128


 • Unsecure support for CF V1 with the FSL Open Source BDM (OSBDM) connection. This feature requires FSL OSBDM firmware build 7 or later




MTWX29649:    HC08 compiler: fatal compiler error when assignment is placed inside two nested if structures inside a while loop.


MTWX29345:    HC08 compiler: comparisons with 24-bit linear arrays do not work.


MTWX29248:    HC08 compiler:  incorrect code generated for inlined function.


MTWX30105:    HC08 compiler: unexpected error reported by the compiler: "C1830 Modifiable lvalue expected ...".


MTWX29562:    HC08 linker: Fix for incorrect checksum calculation for undefined memory areas.


MTWX29785:    RS08 compiler: the generated code for pointer subtraction may be incorrect when the pointer is a member of a structure.


MTWX29885:    RS08 compiler: fatal error, the complier fails to generate code to access an array within a structure which is a member of an array of structures.


MTWX29971:   ColdFire V1 optimizer : modena25 failure,  loop invariant hoisting problem, opt speed -O >= 2


MTWX29972:   ColdFire V1 optimizer : various failures when replacing function calls with indirect calls, opt size, -0 >= 2


MTWX30030:   ColdFire V1 optimizer : volatile peephole issue, volatile load not removed by the store pattern


MTWX31284:   HC08 compiler: wrong encoding for bit test branches when using pc-relative addressing in HLI


MTWX33783:   HC08 compiler: wrong code emitted for structure assignment

MTWX33831:   HC08 compiler: incorrect code generated for comparison against 0, when the operand being tested for 0 consists of an indexed access to a pointer struct member and the index happens to be the same as the struct member offset.


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Contact Us
Tel: +86-755-89678886
Address: RM4311 , 43/F , SEG Plaza , Huaqiang North RD , Futian District , SZ ,GD , CN 518000
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