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Common Components Identification - Resistor


Common components identification

1. Resistor

Resistor in the circuit with "R" plus numbers, such as: R13 that No. 13 resistance. Resistor in the circuit's main role for shunt, current limiting, partial pressure, bias, filter (with the capacitor used in combination) and impedance matching.


Parameter identification: The unit of resistance is ohm (Ω). The unit of rate is: KΩ, MΩ and so on. Conversion method is: 1 megohm = 1000 kilo ohms = 1000000 ohm resistance parameters of the three kinds of labeling method, that is, direct standard method, color standard method and the number of standard method.

1MΩ = 1000KΩ = 1000000Ω

Number standard method is mainly used for small circuits such as patches, such as: 103 that 10000Ω (10 followed by three 0) that is 10K


Color ring marked the most used, for example as follows:

The Resistor and error of carbonaceous resistors and some 1/8 watt carbon film resistors are indicated by color circles. In the resistance of three or four color ring. Near the resistance end is the first color wheel, followed by the other two, three, four color wheel, as shown in Figure 1. The first color ring represents the largest one digit of resistance, the second color ring represents the second digit, and the third color ring indicates that the resistance should not have a few zeros. The fourth color ring indicates the error of resistance. Color ring color represented by the numbers or the significance of Table 1.


Color ring resistor representation


For example, there is a carbonaceous resistor, which has four color rings, the order is red, black, red, gold. The resistance of this resistor is 2000 ohms, the error is ± 5%. As shown below.


Red, black, red, gold. Resistance is 2000 Europe = 2k

Double such as a carbonaceous resistor, it has brown, green and black three color ring, its resistance is 15 ohms, the error is ± 20%.

Color ring resistance is applied to a variety of electronic devices up to the type of resistance, no matter how the installation, maintenance who can easily read out the resistance, easy to detect and replace. However, in practice, it has been found that the order of arrangement of some color-ring resistors is not very clear and often easy to read wrongly. In recognition, the following techniques can be used to judge:

Tip # 1: Find the color circle of the mark error, thus ordering the order of the color wheel. The most commonly used resistance error color is: gold, silver, brown, especially the gold ring and silver ring, generally rarely used as the first ring of the resistance color ring, so long as the ring on the resistance and silver ring It can be basically concluded that this is the last ring of the color ring resistance.

Tip 2: Whether the brown ring is a sign of error. The brown ring is commonly used as an error loop, often as an effective digital ring, and often simultaneously in the first ring and the last ring, making it hard to identify who is the first ring. In practice, it is possible to discriminate according to the intervals between the color circles: for example, for the resistance of a five-color circle, the interval between the fifth ring and the fourth ring is shorter than the interval between the first ring and the second ring To be more wide, according to which color wheel can be ordered in the order.

Tip # 3: It is also possible to use the value of the resistor's production sequence to determine if the color wheel sequence can not be determined by the spacing of the color wheel. For example, there is a resistance of the color ring read: brown, black, black, yellow, brown, its value is: 100 × 10000 = 1MΩ error of 1%, belongs to the normal resistance series, , Black, black, brown, the value of 140 × 1Ω = 140Ω, the error is 1%. Obviously, the resistance values read out according to the latter sort are not found in the resistance series, so the latter order of the color circles is not correct.

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