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For the intelligent Io provide innovative "Yuan" motivation

From component to system:

Global first-tier suppliers and domestic high-quality suppliers release new products, new technology preferred platform

Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center, Dec. 21 - 23, 2017

√ From component to system: Global first-tier suppliers and domestic high-quality suppliers to release new products, new technology preferred platform;

√ Commitment to service manufacturing upgrade in South China: Made in China 2025. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing;

√ Provide Innovative "Yuan" Power for Silicon Valley in China: Serve the World's Highest Quality Hardware Ecology Cluster and Hundreds of millions of Maker and Small and Micro Enterprises;

√ Set cover emerging hot industries: smart home, electric cars, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence / robot, AR / VR ...

√ Focusing on New Transnational Forces: Internet of Everything, Cross-border Integration, New Investment Hotspot;

√ The most powerful industry social platform new experience: exhibition resources + e-circle + Fun New Media / from the media;

√ Get one year non-stop promotion opportunities: Ten offline salons + hottest topics + hottest areas + online more effective interaction.



ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Show and IEE Shenzhen International Embedded System Exhibition is China's most important electronics and embedded field of professional event, is the benchmark for China's electronics industry.

In 2016, ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and the IEE fifth Shenzhen International Embedded System Exhibition for the first time jointly organized by 350 domestic and foreign enterprises jointly around the "Startup, Crossover, One-Stop" theme exhibited from the components to the system Industrial chain of new products, new technologies, new programs; attracted more than 32,154 professional visitors come to visit the exchange, nearly a hundred media came to interview coverage. We and our partners also invited nearly 100 industry experts and experts to deliver speeches in nearly 20 forums, seminars and conferences held in the same period. Meanwhile, the electronics industry social platform - E-Circle held many salons such as smart audio, machine vision, charging technology and purchasing management of innovative enterprises during the exhibition, attracting over 500 e-circle friends.

In 2017, ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Show and Embedded Systems Exhibition will be held on December 21-23 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Providing Innovation for Smart IoT" and "Motivation" from components to systems, electronic + Automotive + Industrial + IOT, where you can meet face-to-face with electronics industry manufacturing base, innovation capital and entrepreneurial elite to fully tap the market potential of South China, a global electronics manufacturing base.


Integrated components

Integrated Circuits, Discretes, Passive Components, Wireless Technologies, Storage Devices

Embedded technology

IC / components, connectors, function modules, development platforms, etc.

Power electronic components

Power devices, safety devices, power modules, batteries

Industrial computers and accessories

Industrial Computer / Board, Industrial Storage, Industrial Power Supply, Industrial Display / HMI;

Sensors, connectors, relays and switches, instrumentation

System and application

Operating system, application software, middleware, etc.

Distributors and e-commerce

Testing and certification, supply chain

Internet of Things exhibition

Sensing technology, RFID, Wireless communication, Storage, Network information security, Server, System integration

EMI / EMC electromagnetic compatibility technology

Materials, devices, testing and testing certification;

electronic Materials

Adhesive materials, heat dissipation materials, waterproof materials, welding materials, anti-static materials

Electronic manufacturing and assembly equipment

Sip, industrial robot, SMT/welding, point glue system, laser processing equipment, test detection, etc

The organizer



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Tel: +86-755-89678886
Address: RM4311 , 43/F , SEG Plaza , Huaqiang North RD , Futian District , SZ ,GD , CN 518000
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