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Hefei Jinghe 12 Inch Wafer Factory Mass Production Can Be Achieved By The End Of 3000 / Month


Hefei Jinghe 12 inch wafer factory mass production can be achieved by the end of 3000 / month

2017-12-07 国际电子商情

2017-12-07 international electronic business


On December 6th, Hefei Jinghe integrated circuit Co. Ltd. held a press conference, announced that its 12 inch wafer factory mass production, can be achieved by the end of 3000 pieces per month.


As Hefei's first ten billion Hefei Jinghe IC project, a total investment of 12 billion 810 million yuan, covers an area of 316 acres. The project started in October 20, 2015 June 28, 2017 completed the first phase of the foundation, the pilot, in mid July the first batch of wafer on the official line, announced before mass production, to the end of this year to achieve 3000 / month production capacity, is expected in 2018 can reach a plant to produce 40 thousand tablets scale.


Hefei Jinghe by Hefei municipal construction Klc Holdings Ltd and the world's fifth largest foundry enterprises in Taiwan Powerchip Polytron Technologies Inc joint venture, a total investment of 12 billion 810 million yuan, is the first to focus on the 12 inch panel driver chip manufacturing foundry enterprises, mainly for domestic panel driven design professional chip, develop characteristic technology, manufacture and use of all in Hefei the panel design, driver chip.


According to the plan, Hefei Jinghe all put to achieve 80 thousand 12 inch wafers per month, 5 years can make Hefei panel driver chip localization rate increased to 30%, the panel all imported chips to break the domestic situation.


In recent years, Chinese semiconductor industry ushered in the vigorous development trend, according to the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) global Fab forecast report released by the end of June, the Fab 2016 to 2017 years to determine the new 19 seat, which Chinese, occupy 10 seats, China, has become the world's first semiconductor market, Jinghe 12 inch wafer factory production of semiconductor industry Chinese marks a step forward.

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