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IC Linear New Products Introduce


IC Linear new products introduce 

1)   LTC3265  LTC3265 - Low Noise Dual Supply with Boost and Negative Output Charge Pumps

2)LTC2873 LTC2873 - Single Bus RS485 / RS232 Multiprotocol Transceiver with On-Off Terminal

3)LTC5800-IPM LTC5800-IPM-SmartMesh IP Node 2.4GHz 802.15.4e Wireless On-Chip Node

4)   LTC4125 LTC4125 - 5W AutoResonant Wireless Power Transmitter

5)   LTC2508-32 LTC2508-32 - 32-bit oversampling ADC with configurable digital filter

6)   LTC6954 LTC6954 - Low Phase Noise, Triple Output Clock Distribution Divider / Driver

7)   LTC2335-18 - 18-Bit, 1Msps, 8-Channel Differential ± 10.24V Input with Wide Input Common-Mode Range Soft-Span ADC

8)  LTC4420 LTC4420 - 18V, Dual Input Micropower PowerPath Priority Sequencer with Backup Power Monitoring

9)  LTC4371 LTC4371 - Dual Negative Voltage Ideal Diode "or" Controller and Monitor

10) LT3965 LT3965 - 8 switch matrix LED dimmer

11) LTC2387-18 - 18 bit, 15Msps SAR ADC

12) LT8602 - 42V, Quad, Monolithic, Synchronous Buck Regulator

13) LT8610 LT8610 - 42V, 2.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 2.5μA Quiescent Current

14) LTC4123 LTC4123 - Low Power Wireless Charger for Hearing Aids

15) LTC2380-24 LTC2380-24 - 24-bit, 1.5Msps / 2Msps, Low Power SAR ADC with Integrated Digital Filter

16) LTM2889 - Isolated CAN FD μModule Transceiver and Power Supply

17) LTC4380 LTC4380 - Low Quiescent Current Surge Suppressor

18) LTC4236 LTC4236 - Dual Channel Ideal Diode "or" and Single Channel Hot Swap Controller with Current Monitor

19) LTC3815 LTC3815 - 6A Single-Chip Synchronous DC / DC Step-Down Converter with Digital Power System Management

20) LTC2986 LTC2986 - Multi-Sensor with EEPROM High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System

21) LT8330 LT8330 - Low I <Sub> Q </ sub> Boost / SEPIC / Negative Output Converter with 1A, 60V Switch

22) LTC3643 LTC3643 - 2A bi-directional backup power supply

23) LT4295 LT4295 - IEEE 802.3bt PD interface with forward / flyback controller

24) LTM4648 LTM4648 - Low V <Sub> IN </ sub>, 10A, Step-Down μModule Regulator

25) LTC3884 LTC3884 - Dual Output Multiphase Buck Controller with MΩ DCR Detection and Digital Power System Management

26)LTC6433-15 - Low Frequency to 1.4GHz 50Ω Gain Components IF Amplifier

27)LT8714 LT8714 - Bipolar output synchronous controller with seamless four-quadrant operation

28)LTC5586 LTC5586 - 6GHz High Linearity I / Q Demodulator with Wideband IF Amplifier

29)LTC2947 LTC2947 - 30A Power / Energy Monitor with Integrated Detection Resistors

30)LTC2380-24 LTC2380-24 - 24-bit, 1.5Msps / 2Msps, Low Power SAR ADC with Integrated Digital Filter

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