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Let Me Also Talk About The Value Of Technical Support In Design In

ASCO Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 09, 2017

The original 2017-12-09 Zhang Hongshuai international electronic business


The active devices, such as MCU, have high requirements for the technical support capability of the suppliers. FAE is required to be an engineer, proficient in programming, debugging, electrical characteristics, machine performance, and so on. This paper focuses on the problem of technical support for the device suppliers with high technical support requirements. Usually these device vendors are not limited to MCU vendors, including all the products that need to be debugged.


1. The domestic environment supported by technology


Frontline components agent: their agent products such as TI, MAXIM, Mircochip, ADI, NXP and other international IC big factories. Usually their team has an application engineer, a technical support engineer, and the original factory regularly organizes technical training, including exams. According to the examination situation of agent FAE, we can evaluate the examination by grading, give the agent rebate, so as to promote the investment and supervision of agents in improving their FAE technology.

其他元器件代理商:主要负责市场推广,IC design-in后的推进,将工程端遇到的基本情况反馈给原厂,技术支持主要由原厂跟踪并完成,尤其对于有一定规模的客户,他们对技术支持的水平要求较高。代理商的FAE遇到问题,为避免支持效果不畅,通常把问题抛给原厂。原厂的技术支持包括现场支持和远程支持。

Other components agents: mainly responsible for marketing, IC design-in will promote the basic situation of the end of the project encountered feedback to the factory, the main technical support from the original track and complete, especially for a certain amount of customers, they require a higher level of technical support. The agent's FAE has a problem and usually throws the problem to the factory in order to avoid poor support. The technical support of the original plant includes field support and remote support.


The way of cooperation between most agents and original factories in China is agent sales and original technology support. Most engineering works are supported by original FAE.


Two, "cure the disease" and "cure the disease" supported by technology


The agent usually thinks that the original engineer can solve the client problem in addition to the targeted field, and he should go ahead to do technology exchange regularly. This will help IC's successful introduction. Especially for MCU support, it is a long-term "company type" support. Generally, thousands of K/ years of customers should have sustained and efficient support for the corresponding FAE windows.


From the point of view of product import, the "stationed" support or frequent technical communication is a very effective market support strategy. When the client does not have technical problems, engineers can make effective communication before they can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also prevent the improper use of customers in the process of application, so as to ensure the smooth progress of IC application process.


In short, this is a support concept of "treating no disease".


And treatment usually refers to the discovery that the body has the corresponding discomfort symptoms to be treated. For the design-in work, it refers to the unusual problems encountered by the customers in the IC application process, and to find the manufacturer to seek technical support. In the vast majority of cases, there is a very short critical state between the problem and the problem that has just been discovered. It is unrealistic to make the technical support of the client without technical problems before the customer finds the problem. In addition, even with the most powerful technical support can prevent the application problems all the IC itself can not prevent sudden discovery of the Bug, and even some itself is unable to design hardware and software means the weakness of trap, need to add test screening, even for chip revision.


Therefore, starting from the actual situation, we can do more often for clients, and sometimes we can achieve "preventive treatment of disease". It is very difficult to achieve "preventive treatment of disease" for a long time.


So the ideal support way of "preventive treatment of disease" can only be castrated as "internal disease prevention". That is to say, in the early stage of customer design, the IC design problem was found in the original plant, and the new version of the product would be provided to the customer as soon as possible, with the addition of pattern or modified version.


Three, cost assessment of technical support


Because of the limited technical support capacity of the agent, the technical support is generally completed by the original plant, so the cost assessment of the original plant is mainly discussed here.


For the original plant, especially for the manager, the cost should include human cost and cost cost. The cost cost mainly refers to the travel expenses. For the original IC factory, it is not necessary to pay special attention to the travel expenses. Therefore, the cost mainly refers to the human cost.

人力成本主要体现在:派甲去了B客户那里,同样重要的A客户由谁来支持?而派乙去支持A客户,那么C客户需要原厂in house去验证的问题,该由谁来完成。

Human cost is mainly reflected in: pic has gone to the B customer, who is the same important A customer to support? And to send B to support A customers, then C customers need the original factory in house to verify the problem, which is to be completed.


The essence of human cost is that the technical support staff are limited. Even if there are many FAE super large IC original factories, the demand for technical support of large customers at the same time cover50%-70% has been very good. Many small and medium-sized customers' support can only be remotely supported.

一名FAE in house远程支持客户,每天可以支持3-4家,而现场支持客户通常每天1-3天只能支持一家客户。效率值差距非常大。

A FAE in house remote support customer can support 3-4 homes a day, while site support customers usually support only one customer for 1-3 days a day. The gap between efficiency values is very large.

因此,人力成本实际是指人力的时间成本。那些in house一天能处理3-4家客户问题的FAE的成本,就比只能处理1-2家客户问题的FAE成本高出许多。如果把成本高的FAE派到了一个地理位置比较远的大客户那里去支持,就成了一桩需要考虑是否划算的“生意”。

Therefore, the actual cost of human manpower refers to the time cost of human resources. The cost of FAE that in house can handle 3-4 customer problems a day is much higher than the FAE cost that can only deal with 1-2 customer problems. If the high cost FAE is sent to a large customer with a relatively remote location, it becomes a "business" that needs to be considered.


The source of technical support is from the customer. When the demand is put forward, the cost of the original factory evaluation lies mainly in the time cost. Since the factory usually has two windows to establish contact with customers - Business ports and technical ports. More than 80% of the technical support comes from the opening of the business port. Customers usually have more contacts with the business mouth, and the relationship is more familiar.

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