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Toshiba Announced 600 Billion Yen Replenishment Has Been Home


In December 5th, Toshiba announced that it had completed a 600 billion yen increase program. This will make Toshiba more capital than the debt, to avoid the fate of the Tokyo stock exchange.

11月19日,东芝宣布增资约6000亿日元(约合人民币355亿元),昨日(5日)东芝发布消息称,共计约6000亿日元(约合人民币350亿元)的第三方定向增发完成了付款。接受定向增发的是由前村上基金相关人士创建的Effissimo资本管理、Third Point等共60个海外基金。第一大股东Effissimo的表决权升至11.34%。

In November 19th, Toshiba announced the increase of about 600 billion yen (about 35 billion 500 million yuan). Yesterday (5), Toshiba announced that a total of about 600 billion yen (RMB 35 billion yuan) has been paid for the third party private placement. Effissimo capital management, Third Point and other 60 overseas funds have been created by the former Haruki fund related personages. The voting rights of the first largest shareholder, Effissimo, rose to 11.34%.


Toshiba has suffered serious losses of American nuclear power industry investment, leading to insolvency, the fiscal year must be in the end of March next year ended before the end let shareholders' equity rose to above zero, otherwise forced under the city.


Although Toshiba intends to sell Memory business financing, but considering the national anti-monopoly review may waste time, so decided to dispel the debt through capital increase.


By raising money, Toshiba will repay all of the secured debt related to the WH bankruptcy of the U.S. nuclear power giant, which has been under the flag, and sell related claims. If the completion of these procedures, the tax burden will be eased, is expected to produce at least about 240 billion yen of capital improvements, it can get rid of the end of March next year is expected to be about 750 billion yen insolvent.


With the increase of the home, even if the semiconductor companies are unable to sell well before the end of March next year, Toshiba also can maintain the shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing on the second board, the Tokyo stock exchange to avoid being forced in the city.


And the West tends to reconciliation


To revive the business, companies can as soon as possible and the west of the United States company (WD) on the sale of subsidiaries of Toshiba semiconductor memory "(Tokyo) will be the focus of litigation disputes.


According to Kyodo News Agency reported, Toshiba and Western Digital settlement talks like climbing to near the top of the mountain, but in the details of conditions there are differences of views. Foreign media reports said that for Toshiba to sell semiconductor subsidiaries, western data are no longer trying to obstruct and both sides tend to move towards reconciliation.


It is reported that after the sale and listing of Toshiba semiconductor business, western data are intended to buy part of the business. But the acquisition of Toshiba semiconductor and Bain Capital is WD for final talks, if agreed, WD will no longer stop the sale of Toshiba, while Toshiba will withdraw WD impede trade litigation.


Toshiba related people on the evening of 4, said to reporters that at the moment is in "this is finally on the top of the mountain, or fall to the foot of the mountain" key situation. If coordination is not smooth, Toshiba decided to the west of Mie City, the factory is excluded from Yokkaichi additional investment, individual investment.

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