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Ultra Long Load Life 12000-20000 Hours Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Complying with RoHS


Product Description

  • Model NO.: LLK Series

  • Application: General Purpose, AC / Motor, Power, Lighting, Air Conditioner, High Voltage, Fan, Automobile

  • Capacitance: 2.27UF ~ 6,800UF

  • Manufacturing Material: Electrolytic

  • Usage: Low Frequency Coupling

  • Filter: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

  • Type: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

  • Packaging Type: Surface Mount

  • Structure: Fixed Capacitor

  • Electrolyte: Electrolytic

  • Tuning: X

Product Introduction:

LLK series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor is designed for indoor and outdoor lighting devices, LED road Lamps, Road Lamps and other electronic lighting devices, which is outstanding with its excellant performance. Having been tested in an extremely strict testing condition in our lab, the quality and performance is stable and reliable, which has been one of our best-seller series.

Product Performance:

1. Usage: High Advanced Power Supplier, Power Socket; Road Lamp;LED Power Device, LED Driver, LED Lamp, LED Lighting;

2. Working Condition: 160 ~ 400V.DC  -40° C ~ +105° C; 450V.DC  -25° C  ~ +105° C;

3.  Low ESR Performance;

4.  Excellent Low LC Performance (Leakage Current performace);

5.  Low DF Performance (Dissipation Factor performance);

6.  Super Long Life Span (Working life reaches 12,000 hours to 20,000 hours, at 105° C);

7.  Voltage Range: 160V ~ 450V.DC;

8.  Capacitance Range:1.0uF ~ 68uF (Condition: Ripple Current 105° C, 120Hz);

9. Size (Diameter * Height) (mm):  5x11, 6.3x9, 6.3x11, 8x9, 8x11.5, 10x9, 10x12.5, 10x16, 10x20, 12.5x20, 12.5x20;

10.  Standard/Certificate: RoHs compliant;

11.  Short Delivery Date: 5 ~ 7 working Days in General.

Technical Specification

       Item                                                                   Features
Operating Temperature Range                 
                     -40° C ~ +105° C
                    -25° C ~ +105° C
Rated Voltage Range
                      160 ~ 400V.DC

Capacitance Tolerance 
                                                            ±20%  (25±2°C  120Hz)
Leakage Current (uA)    CV≤1,000I≤0.1CV+40uA (1 minute reading)   I≤0.03CV+15uA(5 minutes reading)
    CV>1,000I≤0.04CV+100uA (1 minute reading)   I≤0.02CV+25uA(5 minutes reading)
Disspation Factor (25±2°C  120Hz)Rated Voltage (V)     160       200       250     400    450
Tg δ     0.24       0.24        0.24     0.24    0.24
  EnduranceAfter standard test time with applying the rated voltage with the rated ripple current in the oven at 105°C, the following specification shall be satisfied after 16 hours at ±25°C
Capacitance            change                                within ±30% of the initial value
     Disspation          Factor (Tg δ)                    not more than 300% of the specified value
      Leakage              Current                            not more than the specified value
        Load Life                                   Size              Load Life
    5x11    6.3x9     6.3x11     8x9    10x9           12,000 Hours
              8x11.5         10x12.5            15,000 Hours
        10x16  10x20   10x23   ≥Φ12.5            20,000 Hours
Temperature Features
Rated Voltage       160     200     250     400      450
Z(-25°C)/Z(20°C)         3       3        3        6        6
Z(-40°C)/Z(20°C)         8       8       8       10       10
Shelf Life at High TemperatureAfter leaving capacitors under no load at 105°C for 1,000 hours, the following specification shall be satisfied after 16 hours at ±25°C
        Capacitance change                 within ±20% of the initial value
      Disspation Factor (Tg δ)     not more than 200% of the specified value
            Leakage current     not more than 200% of the specified value

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